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Family Photo

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Precious Maia Belle

I have so much to write about like the conversation about underwear that Ricky and I had, or about my first shopping trip for bras in 3 years (note: the last time I shopped for these items was before I had children). However I cannot write about those things because that would be inappropriate...funny, but inappropriate so instead I am going to write about the wonderful time I had with my daughter this morning. 
 Having two kids 13 months apart means that it is rare that I get to spend time with each of them alone. They are always together and really do not like to be separated, but this morning was one of those rare occasions. I believe it is the first time that I have been alone with Maia ever. Ricky and Noah went to the lake for a boys wake-boarding trip and Maia and I got to have a girls morning. First I took her to the park which she loves, then we went on a much needed shopping trip. I was amazed at how good she was while I shopped for about 2 straight hours. She seemed to be mesmerized by all the clothes and shoes and really loved watching herself in the mirror as I tried on tons of clothes. The she played in the pop up fountains for awhile and then we went to the kid section of the book store to end our trip. 
 I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her and studying her little personality. She is so sweet and friendly saying "hi" and "bye" to everyone who walked by us. She is also very observant and curious, constantly asking "whas that?" and saying "ooh shoooes" (she is obsessed with shoes already!). I also noticed that she loves her family. She must have asked at least 30 times, "Whey's Wo-wah and daddy?" 
 These one-on-one times with my babies are priceless. I have no idea how I am going to manage that when I have four kids but I will definitely make the effort! 


Esther said...

Awe thats so nice. I remember when I was really young my parents would have one on one days with us Some of my favorite childhood memories are from those days. I use to think it was so nice to get my mother or fathers complete attention. Maia must have loved it. :]

Melinda said...

Four kids?!?! Is that a hint?!

Bridget said...

ahh, I love girl days:) Faith has been my litle shopping buddy from day 1. Even with the 5 I still find time to do things with each of them by will too!