Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, June 12, 2009

30 Minutes of Clean

I am sitting here enjoying my clean house and realizing that my house is only truly clean for 30 minutes a month. They are the 30 minutes following the cleaning lady's departure and preceding my kid's nap wake-up time. 
I savor those 30 minutes because it is Heaven on earth for me. My life feels like it is in order and organized for those 30 minutes. There is no chaos and no foul smells surrounding me. Everything is in its 30 minutes are drifting away...I am going to do another walk-thru of my house and take a mental picture of each room so that I remember what it is supposed to look like in an hour after the kids have trashed it... 


Bridget said...

I hear ya! Someday we will miss our messy houses and all the sticky finger prints:)

Emma-leigh said...

New to the blog but couldn't agree more! I have 2 kids- a husband and a Yorkie and they don't allow cleanliness.