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Monday, April 6, 2009

Odors of the Murray Household

Before you read, please beware that this post may cause you to gag and may change your view of me completely...

I just had to open every window in the house so as to give myself a break from the nasty odors swirling around in my house. Allow me to give you a smelly tour...

In our dining room, we have the unpleasant odor of vomit thanks to Noah's new Cars lounge chair (sorry Auntie Connie and Uncle Brett) which is sitting on our dining room table out of our kids' reach. Yesterday my son fell and hit his head really hard on the garage floor (a whole other post) which resulted in him throwing up in our living room while sitting on the afore mentioned chair. Since I have not yet gotten around to taking the cover off the chair, it needs to stay out of the kids' reach and on the table venting the vomit smell throughout the dining area. Yum! 
Next, I'll invite your noses over to our living room where you'll pick up on a familiar scent. Do you smell it? Yup, it's vomit again but this time you'll notice that it's mixed with the strong odor of carpet cleaner. Noah's vomiting incident spilled off the chair and onto the living room carpet (we all know how I feel about carpet) which I attempted to clean with powerful carpet cleaner to no avail. The two smells mixed together is enough to upset all your senses leaving you with a migraine headache. But, I urge you to fight through the pain because the tour is not yet through. 
Moving right along to the kitchen, your nostrils will be quite offended by the smell of sour milk in the sink. You see I do not get around to doing the dishes as often as I should and in this heat left over milk in sippy cups and formula in bottles tends to curdle while sitting in the sink for over a day. I just ignore the smell and add more and more half empty bottles and sippy cups to the pile adding to the horrific odor. 
Next you'll be slapped in the face by a nasty aroma when entering the kids' room. That is the smell of dirty diapers sitting in the diaper Genie, you know the one that is supposed to hide the smell? Well, it turns out that once my kids stopped pooping breast milk poop, the diaper Genie stopped doing it's job. 
As if your senses could take more I am going to now take you into my sacred place, my bedroom. What does it smell like in there? Like dirty laundry. As if you can't see the culprit for yourself: the heaping pile of dirty clothes nearly blocks the entry way. When you work, care for two babies and a husband, make sure everyone is fed and bathed, and make sure the bills are paid, you rarely have time to worry about your own laundry. You usually do everyone else's first and are too tired by the time you get to your own so you just keep adding to the mountain of clothes and before you know it, you are used to the smell and blind to the overflowing mountain. 
 So there you have it, a smelly tour of my house! Here are my solutions: a new chair, hardwood floors, water only policy- no more milk or formula, potty training, and shopping for a whole new wardrobe!!!! 


Sarah said...

Your suggestions to solve the smell are great.

I was going to suggest perfume.

Blech!!! :)

Lizzy said...

Resolve Carpet Cleaner bottles line our kitchen counters...They're great! We don't even put 'em away anymore, what's the use? They're needed EVERYDAY!

You described my bedroom with the dirty laundry story. Hahahaha. :) Lova Ya!

Bridget said...

I can smell it from here...oh wait that's my own house:(

Darin Baby said...

ooh, poor baby..
I don't really care about the smell, since I also have a three years daughter..
but I really care about your baby head after hitting the floor.
Is your baby okay?