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Family Photo

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lord, Is This Pay Back???

Have you ever seen those kids who throw tantrums in public places and completely humiliate their parents, you know the ones who bite and pinch in day care or Sunday School, the ones who tell their parent's "NO" right to their faces and are just plain bratty? Well, that was me. Yup, when I was little, I could be described as Satan incarnate. I almost got kicked out of pre-school on my first day when I was 2 years old because I had kicked, bit, and pinched someone and I had thrown a tantrum. Eventually my parent's "beat" the evil out of me with daily spankings but they will tell you that it was a chore to break my will. Thus, as any parent would, I prayed and begged for God not to pay me back with a devil child of my own when I found out I was pregnant with a girl (for some reason I was not worried about having a boy devil child).

I think God is choosing to give me a taste of what I put my poor parents through when I was two. My sweet beautiful daughter who is only 10 and a half months old is showing signs of being quite un-angelic. She thrusts her head back in a hissy fit every time she does not get her way and she is a biting machine. We all have to constantly be on our guard and not be deceived by her precious little smile lest we feel sharp pain on an unsuspecting limb or body part. Poor "Bup" went in to kiss my sweet little imp the other day and came away with an injured lip. That's right, my little muchkin bit "Bup" right on the lip for no reason at all. I also have to be careful whenever I hold her, if someone doesn't give her what she wants or does something to make her mad she will arch her back and throw her head back nearly falling out of my arms. I have had quite a few "close calls."

I dread her Terrible Twos ...I don't think I'll make it out alive...Oh Lord help us all!!!


The 4 Moore's said...

Taleah, I have the very same problem with my Raegan! Ryan is a challenge too but he does not throw nearly the tantrums she does. She does the throwing herself back, arching, she starts hitting herself and scratching anything in sight with this horrible mean nasty look on her face. I have had to catch her before hitting her head on the kitchen floor and then I just take her to the carpeted area and let her have at that tantrum. No one pays any attention to her until she's done. What is up with girls?!?! Hang in there!

oacnmt said...

I want this picture, she is adorable. I hope she is not as bad as you were, those were not so good memories....hang in there kiddo.


Lizzy said...

Well, how else can little Maia get her point accross???? HAHAHA

Bridget said...

I was a good child ...why do I have to deal with biting and hiting??? Farrah is taking after Landen too...OH, God help me!!! Maia sure is cute:)