Family Photo

Family Photo

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Day at the Beach

This weekend was a busy one! But, oh so much fun! I am extremely blessed to have Pam Booher in my life. She has become such a vital part of our family and we love her so very much. One of the awesome things about her is her phenomenal talent to take beautiful pictures.
She set up this photo shoot for me to take pictures in my wedding dress at the beach and we thought it would be fun to dress the kids up and make them part of the photo shoot as well. (It was kind of funny watching peoples' reaction to us. There I was in this beautiful wedding gown getting it wet and dirty and nearly killing myself climbing on the rocks while my "groom" was in jeans and my kids were getting their nice clothes all wet and sandy as well. One couple congratulated me on my wedding and I didn't have the energy to explain that I'd been married 4 years and was just taking these pictures for fun, so I just said "thanks!")
The beach that Pam wanted to take the pictures on required a permit and she was determined to get it. She ran into a huge road block while attempting to get the permit and enlisted the help of a couple of close friends to make it happen. We got our permit right at the time we were supposed to leave for the shoot. We were all so excited and hoped that while taking pictures a cop would come and ask to see our permit so that all of that trouble would have been worth it. It happened. So it was worth it! Here are a few of the shots that Pam got.
P.S. Ashley Horne took quite a few gorgeous photos of my kids as well, but I didn't ask to use her pics yet so I'll post some of those later!


oacnmt said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures! Can you still save the dress???? The one of you on the rock is amazing.

Lov ya


Bridget said...

Taleah you are stunning!!! beautiful family!hmmm... if I could only fit in my dress:(