Family Photo

Family Photo

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am a slacker. I have been too busy playing Scrabble on my free time to blog and I feel like it's time to get my act together again. Here is what has happened this last week...

Noah had his first experience with a bully and I almost kicked the kid myself. It's amazing how your maturity level digresses quickly when you see another kid bully your own kid.

I planned a last minute party for Maia's first birthday and it turned out lovely. Maia hated her cake and got mad at me for putting her hand in it, so I have no cute pictures of her with frosting all over her face. Ricky spent a good 15 hours making a slide show/ video of Maia's first year but it turned out to be for nothing. We could not show it because we realized that we had too few pictures of one family member and we didn't want feelings to be hurt. Oh and it is worth mentioning that at both Noah and Maia's parties someone had to jump in the pool with their clothes on to rescue a drowning child. So, you may not want to bring your children to my kids' birthday parities!

For Mother's Day I got an iPhone from my wonderful hubby! Now I can blog from my phone!

Today, Noah and Maia got their one year and two year physicals. Definitely not fun. It included a ton of whining from Noah who had no reason to whine, one bite from Maia on Noah's belly, loud crying (she cried so hard her lips turned blue) from Maia because of her shots, and a very worried Noah who wondered why we would let them do this to his sister. Needless to say they are both terrified of the doctor's office now. The mere mention of the "d" word can cause complete chaos in my house.

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