Family Photo

Family Photo

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Mom's Greeting

Today I arrived home from my mom group meeting to this sight. Ricky was nowhere to be found, both kids were whining, and Noah's shorts were nearly at his ankles. After I took a picture for my blog, Ricky came outside and exclaimed, "Perfect timing, they both have poop!"


godsgurl707 said...

O goodness, so let me guess you changed them?

Lorayne Nazur said...

Too darn cute!! Gotta love those mommy moments!

Tiffany said...

LOL! I can totally relate! Ahahahahaha

Lizzy said...

Hector stayed home today (unbeknownst to me), so I left the kids with him to run some errands...yup, when I arrived they were pretty much naked, hair messed up, cartoons on at two televisions and toys EVERYWHERE!

Gotta love the men. :/

Bridget said...

oh stop you know you were material lol