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Family Photo

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The "Mom Shirt"

I really would like to know if I am the only mom out there who ALWAYS has a "Mom Shirt" on. A mom shirt is any shirt that you wear that has spit up, kid boogers, food remnants, drool, play dough, milk, etc. on it.
On Monday, I stopped by my parents house and was asked twice, "What is that on your shirt? Is that a design?" When I looked at "the design" they were referring to, I realized that it was chewed up animal cracker remnants that Maia had so kindly wiped on me.
Today after being at work for half the day, I walked by a mirror and noticed that I had some dried crusty white stuff on my shirt. I'd been walking around all morning with this huge nasty spot on my shirt. After performing the sniff test I discovered that it was the yogurt that Maia had for breakfast.
My shirt seems to be the catchall for my kids. Noah will hold his dirty hands up and say "Keen 'em Mommy," and then proceed to wipe his hands on my shirt. I don't think it is possible for me to go through a whole day keeping any of my shirts looking presentable and crust free. So, if you see me walking around with a something crusty on my shirt, feel free to buy me a new crust free shirt. I would gladly accept your donation.


Tiffany said...

You are not the only one!!! It seems my pants and my shirts are covered with stains!!! Argh!

Bridget said...

Yep,I haven't worn white in years!