Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Fly on the Wall

If you were a fly on the wall in my house, here is the conversation you would have heard a few days ago...

We were on our way out the door and as we are gathering everyone and everything, I smell that nasty oh so familiar smell...

Me: Arggghhh! Of course right when we are walking out the door...

Ricky: What?

Taleah: (To Noah) Do you have poop?

Noah: No

Taleah: (To Maia) Do you have poop?

Maia: (Blank stare as mommy sniffs her diaper)

Taleah: Nope. (To Ricky) Do you have poop?

Ricky: What???!!! NOOOO. Get away from me! 


Tiffany said...

ahahaha I love that you asked Ricky. So funny.

Lizzy said...

My question is usually,
"Okay, who has poop????"

Jacob, who's already potty trained, sometimes looks at me with a smile because he must be thinking, "Umm, she knows I'm potty trained, right?".

Lisamarie looks at me with a blank stare. Yup, it's her. She's the only one with a diaper.

Nana said...

Ha, ha,you are so funny. Ricky must get a kick out of you. The kids bring out the sense of humor in you.

Jen Resendez said...

OOk so I was reading this on my phone while at the gym and I laughed out loud because it was so funny!