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Friday, May 15, 2009

My Worst Enemy

This morning I was rudely awoken the same way I've been awoken every day this week: Noah whining "Mama, I dropped my night night." I am so over those stupid "night nights." Of course he's woken Maia up every morning way earlier than she needed to be with his whining. Yesterday, I was ready to take them away all together but then I wussed out and decide to cut back to 1 pacifier in his crib as opposed to 10. He took it quite well. I lectured Noah at bed time on how he is a big boy now and only needs 1 pacifier and soon will not need any pacifiers. I also warned him that if it fell out of his crib and he whined for me to come in and get it, I would throw it away immediately! I made him repeat after me, "I don't need a night night to go back to sleep." My threats were empty and my lecture proved to be a waste of breath. He whined this morning and I rescued the night night. ARRRGGGHHH!
I am writing this post for very selfish reasons...I need encouragement. I need to take the pacifier away for good, but I don't have the guts! I know that I will get very little sleep and will probably cave in and give it back to him the first night and I cannot do that. I need focus on the end result and stay strong. This process will also involve a very complicated plan since my children share a room. I will probably have to send Maia to the GPs for at least the first night of no pacifier because otherwise Noah's incessant whining for his night night will keep her up. Who knew that the pacifier would become my worst enemy.


Wendy said...

Hi there,
I don't know if this will work with the paci, but when Natalie was just about 2 1/2, I couldn't find her paci for a nap and I told her that grandpa had accidentally taken it and promised we would get it when she woke up. She looked up wide-eyed, said ok, and went to sleep without a peep. That evening, I told her that we wouldn't see grandpa for a few days and she could hold on to one of her stuffed friends and get it later. Same thing. The next time we saw grandparents, they had a gift because "papa" lost it. you could try this and if it doesn't work, blame grandma in a few months and try again. Don't worry about rushing to remove it. You have enough to worry about:).

Lizzy said...

It seems you've answered your own question...You go girl! GOOD LUCK! hee, hee.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! If you interested I can tell you how I finally took my sons paci away. It sounds very mean but it totally worked. I cut the nipple off of it. I didnt cut it all the way off just halfway. So he could keep it in his mouth with his teeth but not suck on it. The first night i gave it to him and ran out of the room. He cried for about 15 minutes and fell asleep. The seconds night I kissed him goodnight and said to you want your paci and his answer was "No it's disgusting". And that was that. Seriously it was that easy. I continued to ask him every night for a week and every night he told me no it was disgusting. That was 6 months ago and still to this day he will say it! Try it...i didnt believe it would work either but it did! But once you give him the cut one...never give him a regular one or that will ruin it. Good luck! Let me know if it works.
Thanks for listening,

Nana said...

Did you have him throw them away in the trash. Let him know that the trash truck took it away since he is a big boy and big boys don't have night nights anymore. You may suffer a night or two but it won't be long. Be brave.


Jennifer Lynch said...

Oh, Taleah! I feel your pain. Malachi is quickly approaching age 4 and still sleeps with his pacifier. ..sigh.. We've tried many things, like having him take his pacifiers to the store to "pay" for a toy. But after a sleepless night, we gave in with the pacifier and took away the toy. We thought we had a breakthrough last week when he bit through his pacifiers, but then sleepless ensued again. So if you figure it out, LET ME KNOW. :)

Jennifer Lynch said...

I just came across this today: Very cute.

Sarah said...

You just have to take it away and deal with the crying for a couple of nights. It's worth it now becuase the longer he has it the worse it will be :(.

Anonymous said...

Taleah, Michelle was a bottle baby. Finally at 2 her and I took all the bottles out to the trash and when the trash man came we waved good bye to them. That first night was hard for her but she got over least I think she did...hmmm, do you think she STILL sneaks a bottle at night without me knowing it???? Love Ya, Mama Shuler:)