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Family Photo

Friday, May 1, 2009

Confession Time

My house looks like a tornado hit it and I am sitting here on the computer instead of doing something about my nasty house

Maia's nose is just one big scab and today she and Noah were playing in her crib together when Noah jumped up and sat right on her face. Poor girl...the scabs cracked and started bleeding again and I am afraid that she is going to end up with a nasty scar on her nose.

I think I am pregnant every month and completely freak out and drive my husband crazy.

I am so addicted to online Scrabble that I put my kids in their cribs and ignore them just so that I can play without distraction

I really wish that God would bless us with a house with a yard...then I could sen the kids out to play in the yard while I play online Scrabble...

The other day, I was so annoyed with Noah asking to get out of his carseat while we were driving that I told him that if he asked again the police man would come and take daddy worked, but now he is terrified of police men...


Pamee said...

HAHA!! I was really JUST thinking TODAY... I think it's time for Taleah to get pregnant again!! HAHA!!! AND we play scrabble on our phones and can't get it to play thru Facebook like it says it will!!! NOW I am playing on the computer while Chuck is on his phone... maybe NOW we will get it to work!!! I LOVE SCRABBLE too!!

Michaela Roekle said...

LOL! My hubby told me that I needed to read your new blog post because it sounded just like me. (I told him OK yea right) Then I read it and thought OH MY GOODNESS it really does!!! Especially the part about thinking I'm pregnant every month :)

Lizzy said...

I LOVE scrabble! What's the site on the internet so I can play?????? Years ago, I bought my brother the game, just because I wanted it for myself...he NEVER played with it. HAHAHA :D

I thought having a yard would free up my time...but lately Jacob seems to prefer his movies! Can you believe it?????