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Family Photo

Monday, May 25, 2009

A 2- Year- Old Communication Problem

What happens when you put an extra whiny and an extra "lovey" 2 year old together? Pure Comedy! 
  Yesterday, while we were at church, Noah was not feeling well which made for an extra dose of whining. We thought we would take him outside after service and let him run around in the grass to help make him extra sleepy before we headed home. My good friend Kathy's son Caleb (who is super sweet) came out and joined us and everything was great until Noah decided to start whining. The pictures pretty much tell it all but I will add explanation so you get the full picture...

Boys are playing great together...nevermind that they are playing with a flower
Noah comes running to me whining, probably because he fell or something and Caleb comes running after him to give him a hug and says "You all better." The problem was that Noah didn't stop whining, so Caleb understood that to mean that he needed to give Noah more hugs. 
Caleb decided to sneak Maia a quick hug while all our attention was on kid, that one. 
Noah is really mad because Caleb kept trying to make him feel better with hugs and kisses. Caleb is very proud of himself for being so sweet. Maia is enamored by her prince charming (Caleb). 
Noah tried to get up and sneak away, however he hadn't stopped crying and Caleb knew he needed just one more hug! Noah tried to jump on me so that I would save him from Caleb's comfort...It didn't work. Caleb gave him a big hug and a kiss, Noah cried louder, I laughed until I almost peed my pants, and Kathy caught the priceless moment in a photograph while laughing hysterically as well. 

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