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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To My Big 4 Year Old Boy on His Birthday

My Precious Noah,
Your mommy was way too emotional to write this to you on your actual fact after you went to sleep that day, I sat in my chair and just cried thinking about how fast time flies and how sometimes I just wish I could stop time and keep you little forever.
You are such a big boy with a huge heart. You have a sensitivity and compassion that is beyond your years. You truly understand what it means to put others first and to always "think of others" as mommy always tells you. You are a such a gentleman at your young age, always remembering to help your mommy, to hold the door open for people, to say please and thank you, and that ladies always go first. It really bothers you when mommy gets upset at you and you always ask if I am "happy with you." You need to know that I am not disappointed in you and you apologize for being naughty when you've gotten in trouble.
People love to give you gifts because your genuine joy and excitement and gratitude ooze from you! You say "thank you" over and over again and always tell mommy, "that was so kind of them to give that to me."
Your love for toys and movies is almost obsessive! You worry about growing up and having to give your toys away like Andy from Toy Story. I always assure you that you can keep your toys forever if you'd like. You have a hard time sharing your favorite toys but for the most part you do great. You have a toy with you wherever you go and never ever travel empty handed. When you are watching movies, you zone everyone around you out which drives your sister crazy as she is a chatter box and just wants to converse with you sometimes but you can't hear a word she says because you are so into your movie.
You love to talk to Jesus, reminding me to pray for people often. Your favorite thing to pray for is traffic! You hate traffic and as soon as you see it, you pray for it to go away. Your prayers are passionate and it's funny how I think you melt God's heart, because the traffic always seems to clear after you pray.
You also love your family so much! It means a lot to you to have everyone (grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings) all together. You cherish each one of your family members and really seem to understand the blessing of family.
You love your daddy so much and your favorite times are "playing rough" with him. I can't even watch you guys play because I cringe at how rough you play. But, you always go back for more. You look up to him and are genuinely interested in the Xtreme Sports that he likes. You keep asking when you can get a dirt bike and when you can go wakeboarding by yourself. You guys even watch Super Cross together.
I pray for God to continue to grow your sweet and compassionate and selfless heart and to prepare me to walk you through the heartbreaks you are sure to experience as you watch people get hurt in this life. You can't even fathom why your sister would be mean to you just to mean! So, I know that as you grow up, you will be shocked by the hurt people cause each other. I pray that God will use you in mighty ways for his glory. I see you being a bright light in this dark world. I pray for immense wisdom in raising you to love Jesus with all your heart, soul, and mind. You are a precious gem and such a blessing to your mommy. I have to cut this off here because I feel like I could talk about you forever! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy.


Jules(: said...

how adorable! happy birthday!

Nana said...

Yes, it is as you said, he is so, so sweet. The years fly by.