Family Photo

Family Photo

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Things to Remember

Noah running into my room with infant clothes exclaiming, "Look what Nana bought for my baby brother!"

Noah and Maia coming up to my belly throughout the day and kissing my belly and telling Malakai to wake up.

Noah pushing (way too hard) on my belly and saying, "Oh it's squishy there. That means Malakai is not there."

Noah pinching my tummy and informing me that he just pinched his little brother's butt.

Maia asking if Malakai kisses daddy when mommy kisses daddy, drives when mommy drives, eats when mommy eats etc.

Maia asking of the doctors will have to "pull hard" to get Malakai out of mommy's belly!

Maia informing me that Malakai is not crying in mommy's belly but rather "swimming in there."

Noah asking me to drink cold water so that Malakai can wake up and kick him when he pushes my tummy.

Noah laying his head on my tummy and singing to and talking to the baby. He never forgets to tell my tummy good night. He is going to be a great big brother.

As much as I hate being pregnant, I am savoring all these "belly moments" with my kids....and now I am crying...stupid pregnancy hormones!

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