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Family Photo

Monday, March 14, 2011


(This was written last Tuesday but due to technical difficulties is just now being posted!)

Today is Day 6 of being home all day dealing with my sick toddlers who are coughing up their lungs and have waterfalls of snot coming from their noses. Whinese has become the official language of our house...even I am speaking it. And now I have been infected by the bug and am angry about it. Oh and did I mention that my ankles are non-existent and my fingers look like they've been injected by fillers?

Can you tell that I am in my ninth month and that I am done? I have no idea how I will make it through the next 4 weeks. I kind of feel like this all the time...

I'd really appreciate your prayers for this child to put me out of my misery by making his arrival sooner rather than later. I have resorted to lying on the couch with my feet elevated and barking orders to my children because it hurts to move...I'm sure they'd appreciate your prayers too!

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