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Family Photo

Monday, March 14, 2011

...And Then The New License Picture Came

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly feel any worse about new driver's license came in the mail with my new picture on it. Seriously? I never ever want to show anyone my ID ever again. I will use cash from now on, will never order an alcoholic beverage, and will never drive over the speed limit.

I will never forget the day I took my last license picture, because someone asked me that very day if I'd gained weight. Can you believe that guy? Anyways, my face did look a little plumper than usual in that particular picture so maybe I had gained a few pounds, but this picture, the one I received today, puts that picture to shame. This picture looks like I've gained all my pregnancy weight in my face! I mean, I know that I've eaten 2 Cinnabons this week and that I've had a double scoop of ice cream or a chocolate bar almost every day of this last trimester, but for it to ALL show up in my face on my ID picture is a little ridiculous.

I contemplated posting the picture of it on here, but It is so bad that I cannot even show my husband out of sheer embarrassment. So, if you want an idea of what it looks like, just refer to THIS post.

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