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Friday, April 30, 2010

I Think it's a Disease

I am starting to think my daughter has some sort of disease. It is a disease where she can't help but resort to violence when minorly or majorly offended. It seems that no amount of discipline will stop her from biting, hitting, or pinching when she is upset. Noah has learned to run away from her as fast as he can after offending her, but many times, he does not run fast enough and he falls victim to Maia's abuse. The other day, I found him hiding behind a chair because she was coming after him (It's that bad). I myself have learned to quicken my reflexes after feeling those little chompers sink into my shoulder a couple of times. Violence is like a reflex for her!

I am worried. I don't want to be the mom that all the other moms avoid play dates with for fear their kids will be abused. I don't want Maia to be labeled by the term "bully." I need solutions fast! I have been consistent with spanking but she seems to think that if she got spanked for biting then she will just try pinching next time. When she gets spanked for that, she resorts to hitting. Then, the cycle starts over again! HELP! My daughter needs anger management!


Brianna said...

I know how you feel it's so frustrating. The other day Aven went up to a little boy that wasn't even doing anything just standing with his Mom and hit him with his sippy cup. I wanted to hide under a rock and die. Maybe we need to go on play dates together that way we can both let our little ones go at it and not feel bad. ha

Nana said...

I think Brianna is on to something. All that you described reminds me of the note from the teacher after your first day in preschool, it said you bit, hit, kicked and pushed other kids and then threw a tantrum in the classroom. Those were hard times! She takes after her mama. I can't recall how long it lasted, but not too long. I think I bit you back :)

Michelle Bradley said...

Ok this sounds aweful but have u bit her back?? Landen bit me once HARD and i bit him back he has never done it again. I felt like an aweful mom after but he knows that it hurts now!

Jenny Chin said...

HAHA... I agree with your mom.... Just start biting Maia back.

.... Start mimicking her bad behavior and see how she likes it.... and if it doesn't work---you're back where you are at...

haha... okay seriously I don't think that's good advice. But I kinda want you to try it to see if it'll work!

think of it as an "experiment."