Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, April 2, 2010

Phrases I've Heard Today

"But, I wanna see my poop. Oh, I'll see it when I flush da toilet." (Noah)
"I don't want Noah to sing Jesus loves me dis I know for da Bye-bo te-yos me so." (Maia)
"Hay-wee bite me, because she is naughty." (Maia. This was a lie.)
"Why is it not Christmas already?" (Noah)
"The Pirates are all dead. I shot them all." (Noah)
"Why you wanna ess-er-cise, mommy? I don't want you to ess-er-cise" (Maia)
"No, mommy don't change me! I no hab poop, just pee pee." (Maia)
"Sheesh woman, why gotta take all my money?!" (Ricky)

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Eddie Resendez said...

Ricky's was the best! :-) If you guys get bored next week and want to come to Vegas we have room for y'all. You could more money to take from Ricky!