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Friday, April 16, 2010

I Had To Buy Them...It Was a Sign From God!

Confession: I have a love for designer jeans.

Reality: I can't afford them. The last pair of designer jeans that I purchased was 5 years ago when I was making the big bucks as a sales rep.

About a year ago, I saw a girl on a reality t.v. show wearing a super cute pair of designer jeans and I have had dreams about "The Jeans" ever since. I kept thinking that one day, when they were completely out of style, I would find them in a thrift store and buy them and fulfill my dream of owning those jeans. I would look so tall and skinny in them that it would not matter that they were out of style.
Today, I had to go to Nordstrom Rack to exchange some shoes that Maia had gotten as a gift. I rarely go to that store because it is deceiving. I feel like I am getting a great deal on a shirt because it is reduced 50% from the Nordstrom's price, but really I am not getting a deal because the shirt is way overpriced to begin with and the discount price is way more than I would ever spend on a shirt in the real world. Back to my story, as soon as we walked in the store to exchange Maia's shoes, right there in front of my very eyes, were "The Jeans." It was like there was a light from Heaven shining down on "The Jeans" and a choir of angels was singing around them as if they were expecting me. I mean how ironic that I never go into that store, and the one time that I do "The Jeans" are right there in front of my face as soon as I walk in. It was a sign from God. Instantly, I forgot about my Nordstrom Rack deceit theory and walked over to the coveted pair of jeans. They were the exact pair that the girl on t.v. was wearing. I was in love. I gathered them in my arms, holding them close, taking in the sweet new clothes smell, and admiring the beautiful white seams. The world around me stopped. I was oblivious to my kids wandering off without me. At last we were united, me and my precious jeans. Maia's screaming finally snapped me back to reality and I bid my sweet jeans farewell and headed to the shoe department to do what I came do. We got the shoes and as I stood in line, I looked longingly at the jeans. But, there was a loud voice in my head yelling at me. It was Dave Ramsey saying, "Whenever you are going to make a big purchase, go home and sleep on it first." SHUT UP, DAVE! Don't you understand? It's a sign from God!...I left the store jeanless.

For the next three hours, I only thought about "The Jeans." They were lonely without me. They needed me! I went online and took a look at my mvelopes to see if there was any way for me to purchase "The Jeans" that Heaven was telling me to buy. Lo and behold, there was a way! We had enough money in our clothing envelope for me to make the purchase. Now, my only obstacle was my guilt. Shouldn't I buy Maia some new clothes or Noah some new shoes or Ricky some new shirts? I mean for the price of those jeans I could buy all of those things...Nah! I could always get them stuff on craigslist. Besides, this was a SIGN FROM GOD!
As soon as Ricky got home, I let him know that I needed to leave right away. On my way to the store, I begin to panick: "What if they didn't have my size?," What if they were all gone?" What if I saw someone taking the last pair? Would I lose all control and tackle them right there in the store?" I made it into the store and there they were, beautifully lit, with the angels singing around them. I felt like it was a slow motion scene in a movie as I ran toward my jeans and was reunited with them for good. We hugged and smiled at each other and almost cried. It was a beautiful moment.
The jeans are now hanging on the wall in my living room so that everyone can admire how lovely they are...okay just kidding...I am wearing them and they are everything I hoped and dreamed they would be...and I am not in debt because of them. Thank you God for sending me a sign!


Pamee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is GREAT!!! AND the picture IN my head of you hugging and having a MOMENT with your jeans... NOW I can't wait to SEE them =)

Nana said...

cartingOh my gosh, reading your story was like a fairy tale movie. What a crack up..... the scenario with singing angels and the light shining. You're too funny!