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Family Photo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The "Minnie" Skirt

This morning as I was in the kitchen doing my million-things-at-once morning routine, I heard Ricky in the kid's room bribing Maia to get dressed while complaining about how he couldn't find anything for her to wear. As he gets a skirt on Maia, I hear him say, "Whoa! Maia, that is a mini-skirt!" She replies, "My Minnie Mouse skirt?! I go show Mommy!"
She comes out to the kitchen and says, "Look at my Mickey Mouse skirt Mommy!" When I turn around, I see my little girl in a 12 month (she wears size 2T) jean skirt that is so short I can see her diaper underneath it. I shoot a quick, are-you-kidding-me eye roll at Ricky and ask Maia if I can change her into something more appropriate. She begins to throw a tantrum and cry, "I wanna wear my Mickey Mouse skirt!" I get a glimpse of my future: My teenage daughter crying because she wants to wear the same hoochie mama clothes that her friends are wearing and me locking her up in her room for the duration of her teenage years. Dramatic? Maybe. But, it could happen and I need to be prepared.
Anyways, I chose not to fight this battle since she would only be going to Bup's house and I could explain to Chuck and Pam why my 1 year old was in a "Minnie" skirt and know that they would not judge me! But, you can all rest assured that after today, that "Minnie" skirt will magically disappear...


Nana said...

So where is the picture to go with this story? I can only imagine.

Pamee said...

I should have taken a pic of her in her in her MICKEY skirt today!! I was laughing too... it looked like she was in a swim suit today!!