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Family Photo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happenings This Week

Worked out every day and had a bowl of chocolate malted crunch ice cream every day following my work out.

Received a call from the cleaning lady letting me know she is coming tomorrow. Cried tears of joy while on the phone with her. Won't be surprised if she doesn't show since my house is obviously dirty enough to cry over.

Had a guest over for dinner tonight and while he was here Maia got time out twice and Noah three times plus a spanking. I'm sure our guest will never come back and that he will never have children.

Our DVD player broke which caused Noah to have an epic melt down. There is no "envelope" for a new DVD player but I am contemplating going on a beans and rice diet for a week so that we can buy one. How will I get anything done without a DVD player to babysit the kids?!

Changed a poopy diaper on the run and 20 minutes later after scratching my face realized I had poop on my finger.

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