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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Kid is Literally Self-Disciplined

Yesterday was one of those crazy days. You know the kind where you are too busy and stressed to eat, go to the bathroom, and breathe? Anyways, my morning was not going so well; Noah was sick and whiny, Maia was feisty and vicious, and I was just trying to get myself ready to be a pretend bride for a video shoot at church. Maia had been spanked that morning already for biting Noah and I warned her that from now on all hitting and biting would be punished by spanking, not by time-outs (those were obviously not working). I jumped in the shower and prayed that my kids would be alive by the time I got out. As I was stepping out of the shower, Noah came running in tattling on Miss Maia who had bit him again! I yelled for Maia to "COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" As soon as I stepped out of my room, I saw Miss Maia Belle sitting in the corner. Before I could say anything she informed me, "I in time out buh-cuz I bite Noah." She was pale faced out of fear of the spanking that she knew she had earned. However, I was doing everything I could to maintain my composure and not burst out in laughter. I stepped back into my room to take a deep breath and tell myself not to laugh at my 1 year old daughter who is so smart it scares me. I went back out and firmly scolded her telling her that she is not to bite Noah and that the next time she will get a spanking but for now she must finish her time out sentence.
What the heck have I created? I have a kid who puts herself in time out in order to out smart her mother who promised a spanking for biting! Have I mentioned that this kid is only ONE?!
Ay yaiy yaiy...

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Rebecca173 said...

HAHA Yes i know how you feel!! My Ashley would SPANK herself. YEAH I would come in the room after she did something wrong and there she was spanking her own butt!!! Talk about funny. I had to constantly be reminding myself don't laugh don't laugh don't laugh!! GOOD LUCK Man i am go glad i am past those phases.