Family Photo

Family Photo

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hair Challenged

For the duration of her life, my daughter has always seemed to have challenges with her hair. When she was first born, she needed a toupee because she went bald...but only on the very top of her head.

Exhibit A:

Because of her creative balding, she now has a mullet. I guess I should have expected nothing more than a mullet. The hair at the top of her head is still behind on the growth process so she is now sporting a full blown mullet.

Exhibit B:

The Side View:

I am hoping that these hair challenges do not continue to plague her for the rest of her life but if they do, I am going to predict that my daughter is going to make the mullet cool again!


Susan said...

oh! the first picture is too much! sweet baby girl, how crazy that must have been!

my daughter is also pretty much sporting a mullet, though her bangs are very long. i was told to have her hair cut very short so that it would all start to grow in evenly, but i am afraid to lose her soft baby curls so soon!

wishing you and your daughter the best. you have great hair! i'm sure she'll be fine ;)

Pamee said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Poor Maia!! That first picture -OH MY!!!

Jenny Chin said...

omg....that picture of her is hilarious!!! oh no!! that will prob. be my daughter!

Nana said...

The first picture is the one she's gonna want to rip up or should I say delete? so you don't show it to her friends when she's a teenager. It cracked me up!She did look pretty funny then. But she is such a cutie now! Her smile brightens my day :) I happen to like her mullet. ha ha