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Family Photo

Monday, March 22, 2010

Toddler Tea Party

Pam's 3 year old granddaughters were visiting from New York this past week and Pam thought it would be fun to get all the toddlers together for a tea party. Noah and Maia were so excited about this since they've seen a tea party on the Alice in Wonderland movie that they watch at Pam's house. The tea party was set for Thursday at 5 p.m. and I thought I would drop the kids off and then run some errands, however when I got there I thought I would stay just so I could get some free entertainment (4 toddlers having a tea party was bound to be entertaining)!
Pam had miniature glass tea cups and plates and pretty cloth napkins all set out on the kids coloring table. It was so cute! The menu consisted of bite size gluten-free brownies, edamame, grapes, and herbal hot tea.
She got all the kids to sit down and as soon as they did, the chaos began! 4 little voices chirping all at once asking for tea, another brownie, edamame, grapes, honey, a spoon etc. Then someone would accidentally bump the table and spill tea and begin to panic. We'd calm them down, clean up the spill, and be told by two others that the tea was too hot. One of us would grab ice and as we were putting ice in one toddler's tea cup another toddler would place their hands over their tea cup and emphatically tell us that they did NOT want ice in theirs. I assured them that I would NOT give them any ice and they wold ask for more tea. I'd frantically search for the tea pot and when I'd find it and begin to pour the tea, the toddler would express their indignation over me filling their cup from the small tea pot. They wanted tea from the "big tea pot." Then, one toddler would look over at another toddler's plate to make sure that the other toddler did not have more food than they did. We'd reassure them that everyone had the same amount and they would find something else to ask for.
When I had a minute to look over at Maia to see why she as being so quiet I noticed that she had chocolate all over her arm and her dress but not on her mouth. Interesting. Upon further investigation, I realized that she had dumped both of her bite sized brownies into her tea cup and was now trying to fish them out. I quickly grabbed her cup to clean it out and discovered 1 edamame bean and 2 half chewed grapes in her cup as well. Her idea of a tea party was a little different than ours. Anyways, the tea party continued on at this pace for about 15 minutes and by the time we had a chance to breathe, Pam and I had cleaned up about 5 spills and fulfilled about 37 requests, we were both sweaty and exhausted!
Overall, the tea party was a success and even though it was chaotic, it was entertaining and it was tons of fun! The kids were so cute and they loved the Toddler Tea Party. Thanks Pam for allowing them to have such a delightful experience and allowing me to burn a lot of extra calories that day!


Pamee said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I LOVE that you posted this... I so TRIED to post a blog on it... and could NOT come up with the words to express the WHOLE experience!! This was PERFECT!!! I can't stop LAUGHING! I so NEEDED this today!! =)

I HOPE to do this once a year!! I think that is about ALL I can handle!! AND I AM SO THRILLED that you STAYED!! I could NOT have done this ALONE!! I NOW KNOW when I do the next one... I will have LOTS of Mommies with me!!

Nana said...

This is so precious. What a wonderful memory. I made you have a tea party once (without real food though). You were not interested and it was over in about 2 minutes but I was able to get one picture. So this story reminded me of that time.