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Family Photo

Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Eventful Morning

This morning was quite eventful, here is a brief run down:

1.) I got to go to my parent's house for breakfast and see my family who I love so much. Never a dull moment with all of them.

2.) I let my little bro take my kids outside to play, and 5 minutes later, Noah came in the house crying and soaking wet. He had fallen in the pool...Kelsey is sharpening his multiple toddler watching skills!

3.) We decided on a whim to put Noah in a "Big Boy Bed." He has not been sleeping well in his crib and I have decided that it is because crib mattresses are hard as a rock and he is over it. My mom had a nice twin bed pillow top mattress hanging out in her garage and she said we could take it. We did. As we speak/ write, he is sound asleep in his "Big Boy Bed." I think we have solved his sleeping problem.

4.) I realized I've done a great job teaching my kids not to litter but have not taught them the difference between litter and dead animals...this is a good thing. There is a dead pigeon in our alley way. I noticed it much too late so there was no way for me to keep her from seeing it. I wracked my brain for 5 seconds thinking of how I would explain the dead bird, when she pointed to it and said disdainfully, "Mama, someone true der trash wight der. Dat's not nice." I did not correct her, but I did stop her from picking up the "trash." She wanted to throw it away because Mama always tells her that "trash belongs in the trash can."

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