Family Photo

Family Photo

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tea Cups

My awesome in-laws bought Ricky and I Disneyland passes for Christmas and I am ever so grateful! We've been to the theme park about 10 times since we got them and we all love it! It makes for cheap fun family days (we pack our food and buy nothing while at the park). My favorite part of going to Disneyland is watching Maia's face light up when we go on the tea cups ride. She tells me what color tea cup she wants as we wait in line (it changes about 12 times). Then, she gets so excited to hear Alice's voice tell us to keep our hands and arms inside the tea cup. I love watching the smile slowly creep up on her face as we glide across the floor and our tea cup slowly starts to turn. When she hears other people screaming, she starts screaming too and says, "We spinning!" Precious memories....

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Esther said...

So cute. I have a disneyland pass too and whenever I want to go somewhere and not spend money I go there. It is so much fun. I totally agree you have to pack a lunch. All the food is ridiculously over priced.