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Family Photo

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things I Want to Remember

1.) When in the car the other day, the kids had balloons and Maia was attempting to pop hers just because it irritates Noah:
Noah: Maia don't pop it!
Maia: (Tries to squeeze her balloon so it will pop.)
Noah: Seriously Maia.

2.) When Noah tries to say that he is going to "use" something, it always comes out as "ooze!" "Mommy, I am going ooze that toy!"

3.) When Maia sees something that scares her at Disneyland she comforts herself by telling Noah, "It's not scawy, it's just pwetend!"

4.) A couple of weeks ago, Maia fell out of her crib. Ever since that day, when we say our prayers at night, she says, "Pway for Maia not to fall out of her cwib anymore."

5.) When Maia is pooping but does not want to get her diaper changed, she says, "No pooping, just tooting!"


Pamee said...

HAHAHA!! I so wish I had written down things that the boys said... and did when they were small!! Those are FUN things to remember too =) That last one... SO TRUE!!! I crack up at her!!

Nana said...

Precious, just precious.