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Family Photo

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Toupee?

Don't laugh...that's my 4 week old baby girl. She started off so beautiful. She was cute as a button with beautiful skin and lots of dark hair. But now she is 4 weeks old and it's like she hit puberty and old age at the same time. She has major baby acne all over her neck, face, chest, and back and she is balding...very ungracefully balding. As you can see she is losing the hair just on the top of her head...she kind of looks like Danny DeVito and as you can also tell from the picture, she is not too happy about the new look. My brother refers to her new little "do" as a "skullet." 
 Anyways, call me vain but I have to be honest since this is a confession blog...I am a little embarrassed by this skullet and have tried to hide it with headbands when we go out but the headbands are not thick enough. Does anyone know where I can get a baby toupee? 


Anonymous said...

I think when your kids are older, you should put all of these confessions into a book. I'm pretty sure it would become a bestseller.

<3 Kate Croix

duartestudios said...

Hey Mama! How 'bout a bandana? jk hehehe ...she's absolutely beautiful! and...based on her parents good looks...she will blossom into the knock-out she was created to be!

Sarah said...

hilarious! If it's any consolation, our 8 week old has a similar 'do. Too bad it's so hot out ... hats are always a good option. Sigh.