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Family Photo

Friday, March 19, 2010

Do I Have to Claim the Bratty One?

I am beginning to think that Maia Belle is not going to have very many friends as she grows up. Yesterday, we went to visit some friends and when it was time to leave and I asked Maia to say good bye to her friends and give hugs she defiantly said, "NO" and continued to play. I, of course was embarrassed as the 3 year old little girls were waiting to give Maia a hug. I gritted my teeth, shot Maia the "you-better-behave" look and hissed, "Get over here and give your friends a hug goodbye." She refused. So, I picked her up and opened her arms toward the girls in a hugging position and they gave her a hug. As Maia throws her head back, she says, "I wanna bite her." WHAT?! At that moment I thanked God that those little girls' mommy was not present and that their Grammie who was present did not hear my vampire daughter tell me she wanted to bite those sweet innocent little girls.
As if that experience wasn't enough embarrassment for me, today we had another one. We were at the park and the kids were running across the playground bridge. When Maia got to the end of the bridge and turned around, she saw another little girl running across the bridge too. Maia began to stomp her feet, then she waved her finger at the little girl and said, "NOOOO, don't play on the bridge!" It was like it was happening in slow motion. I wanted to run up there and grab my daughter before she got violent but I knew I would not make it in time. As soon as the innocent little girl made it to where Maia was standing, Maia pushed her (mind you the girl was 3 times her size) and again stated that she did not want her on that bridge. I was mortified! I apologized to the little girl's grandma and ordered Maia to come down NOW! Instead she threw herself down onto the bridge in a full blown tantrum. I marched up those playground stairs, peeled her off the floor, and took her straight to time-out! As she was sitting in time-out, I thought, hmmmm, this could make a good blog! I better take her picture. I made sure to inform her that just because I was taking her picture, didn't mean she was no longer in trouble!
Anyways, she did her time, apologized to the little girl, and spent the rest of the time not embarrassing her mommy. But, I have a feeling I am going to have many more of those humiliating moments with my sweet angel!!!

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Chuck said...

Okay, when I had to leave all those precious children; I left her wishing I could hug her more and more. No matter what, she is incredible precious. Bite away Maia!