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Family Photo

Saturday, January 16, 2010

That Guy...

I always get annoyed when I see those guys standing in the middle of a public place yelling at the top of their lungs that people need to turn to Jesus or burn in Hell. I just don't think that Jesus would really approve of that style of witnessing... and how effective is it really? I've never heard of anyone turning to Christ because of the crazy guy yelling at him on the street corner.

But...I may have a problem. You see my son has no shame when it comes to praising Jesus. In fact, the other day we were at a public place and he found himself a "stage." He got up on that stage and began to sing "Jesus Loves Me" at the top of his little lungs. I thought a vein was going to pop out of his neck because he was singing so loud. Then, at the end, he looked at me with a proud smile.
I may just own one of those "crazy guys" that irritate me so much! The good thing is that he is too cute for anyone to get annoyed and he is not condemning people to Hell!!!!

Here it is for your enjoyment!


Chuck said...

Oh, how I love this and I know that our Abba, Father has to be so filled with a blessed joy at Noah's heart.

Rebecca173 said...

How precious is he?!?!?! OHHH How sweet. Gotta little preacher boy on your hands!

Pamee said...

THis put a HUGE smile on my FACE!! I LOVE it!!

clspraizehim said...

This is soooo cute!!! Just puts a smile on my face!!!