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Family Photo

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Who knew that balloons could cause so much drama in the life of toddlers...and their parents? The other day we took a family trip to Trader Joe's to do some grocery shopping. As soon as we entered the store, the kids began relentlessly begging for a "Bah-yoon." Upon check-out, the nice lady gave Noah a blue balloon and Maia a purple one. Ricky tied Maia's to her clothing which she was not too happy about and I cautioned Noah to hold onto his tightly so as not to lose it.

As soon as we got to the car. I heard a loud traumatic cry from my 2 year old. I turned around to see him reaching for his blue balloon as it drifted high in the sky away from his little hand. He was screaming so loud, you would have thought that he'd just watched his mommy get hit by a car. I couldn't help but laugh because it was just so funny that he was so upset over losing a balloon (bad mom, I know). Ricky, finally got him to calm down by getting him another balloon.
This time, he tied it to his car seat to insure it's safe keeping. Noah frantically ordered us to close the windows so that his balloon would not fly out.
In the midst of our drive home, Noah began to get upset that the balloon was tied to his seat. He cried and whined and let us know that he did NOT want the balloon attached to his seat! To appease him, Ricky yanked the balloon free from the seat ripping the string and causing Noah to fly off the handle once again. "Daddy BROKE my balloon! Fix it daddy, fix it!" By this time, I wanted to pop the balloon and drop Noah off on the corner . We listened to our little boy cry the whole way home, asking daddy to "put tape on it."
Then, as if Noah's balloon drama was not enough, as soon as we get home Maia pops her balloon and runs over to me in a panic crying and screaming, "My Bah-yoon POP! Skeer me! I want Wo-Wah's bah-yoon!" (My balloon popped. It scared me. I want Noah's balloon). Ay yaiy yaiy!
Needless to say, we will be steering clear of ballooms for awhile. My family is still in recovery from this experience.


Lizzy said...

Hahahaha! Sooo funny. I KNOW I've been through THAT!

Although, one thing that DID make me happy the other day now that we're talkin' 'bout balloons... I learned that Party City will fill up your empty mylar balloons (Mickey & Minnie balloons we bought at disney for $6 EACH, which I folded and kept cause I'm a horder) for ONLY .50 cents!!! :D

I'm such a cheap-skate.

Nana said...

This made me laugh out loud. I can just picture them as I read your story. Yes, steer clear from balloons, they are too fragile and devastating, although for a little while, when their gone. ha ha

Rebecca173 said...

Ohhhhh girl been there done that!!!!!!!!!!!! Balloons have caused MAJOR trauma in this house. The fights over a little piece of plastic is sooo ridiculous. We've had the parking lot trauma, the in the car trauma the disaster at home trauma when someone touches someone elses balloon or it gets stuck on the ceiling and they can't reach it must i go on?? Yeah