Family Photo

Family Photo

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Taking Care of Mama

It seems like my house is cursed with sickness. Every day for the past two weeks at least one family member has not been feeling well. Last Wednesday evening was my turn. I spent the entire afternoon and evening in the fetal position on the floor or on my knees in the bathroom puking. Not fun. The good thing is that I now know that I can count on my 2 little munchkins to take care of me. While I was hunched over on the floor, they were making sure I was warm and "comf-terble!" They wrapped their blankets around me and asked, "You warm now mommy?" Or they'd say, "There, now yer comf-terble." They were so sweet.

Disclaimer: Sorry, if my appearance scares you! I had to post these pictures because my kids were just so cute...even if I was not!

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Bre said...

That is so precious of them and you are still one gorgeous momma even when sick! :).