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Sunday, June 15, 2008

I've Been Tagged

The rules: I am to list 6 quirky things about myself; then "tag" 6 others to do the same. 

Quirk #1: I have a lame finger. My ring finger on my right hand is missing a joint and does not bend at the top. This is why I don't play guitar...okay that's just what I tell myself, really I don't play guitar because I've never tried. 

Quirk #2: I am obsessed with feeding my child healthy food and not allowing him to have sugar or processed foods. I am so obsessed that I almost have an anxiety attack when we go to my in-laws house because they don't really understand my obsession and try to give my kid sugar all the time. I watch him like a hawk when we are there and am exhausted by the time we leave. 

Quirk #3: I really really really wish I could dance. I love to watch people dance and my favorite show is "So You Think You Can Dance." I have had serious conversations with God asking him why he chose to leave out rhythm in my DNA. I have also let him know how upset I am about this. I feel like my husband got cheated too. Because if I could dance, I feel like I could add a little spice, if you know what I mean =). I think if I tried to dance for Ricky, he would think I was having convulsions, and it would completely kill the mood. The only time I dance is when I dance with Noah when no one is around. He kind of looks at me weird and I think if he could, he would ask me to please stop because I embarrass him.  

Quirk #4: When I go out with the kids by myself, on our way home, I only think about one thing: How am I going to get both kids, the diaper bag, and whatever we have gathered on our outing into the house and up the stairs in one trip. Our condo is designed in such a way that the entire living space is upstairs. As we near the house, I seriously strategize and try to visualize our entrance into the house. I won't even answer my cell phone if it rings while I am strategizing

Quirk #5: I am horrible at getting gifts for people on time and I forget all birthdays. I am usually super late on gifts which is awful, I know. I am trying to work on this. 

Quirk #6: I really want to get a cleaning lady to come deep clean my house but I am too embarrassed because I don't want her to think that I am the laziest person ever since my house is so small. 

Quirk #7: I need a plan for everything, (hence quirk number 4). Please do not ask me to be spontaneous. I am incapable. I have to plan the spontaneity

Okay, I don't even think that 6 people read my blog and the 2 people I know who do read my blog and have blogs themselves have already been tagged so I am breaking the rules and not tagging anyone! But, if you do read my blog and would like to share your quirks, I'd love to read them in the comment section.

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Kadi said...

Hey...I'm here!
#1 - i can wiggle my eyeballs so fast that it looks like I'm a cartoon character.
#2- I have an ugly brown birthmark on my head that is raised. Yuck.
#3- My knees crack everytime I squat down
#4- I can do the tarzan call.
#5- I can spontaneously gleek
#6- I love to eat wierd foods like spinach and black licorice
#7- I'm petrified of small spaces and reptiles
#8- I am still afraid of the dark
#9- I wax my sideburns because if not, I look like Elvis Presley