Family Photo

Family Photo

Monday, May 10, 2010

So Much in One Picture

This photo says so much about me. But, I've decided that it is all in the observers perspective as to what conclusions they draw from their observations. Here are a few examples:

1.) That little girl's mom must be color blind! Why would she dress her daughter in a yellow Princess Belle dress and put BLUE socks on her? (They were the only ones that were clean. I am not very good at doing laundry. You can't see it here, but Noah had two different socks on for the same reason.)

2.) Wow! They travel with ALOT of junk. That mom needs to clean out the bottom compartment of that stroller...I bet there is another kid hiding down there. (If there was an earthquake that left us stranded, we'd be good for a week with all the stuff under there. I actually found popcorn from 2 weeks ago in that storage compartment today!)

3.) Those people need to invest in a new stroller. That one looks like it is missing a few parts and like it has been through the ringer...and why are there 2 kids on that thing? Isn't it only made to hold one kid? (Yes, we do need a new stroller. This one needs a little coaxing to get into place and it is missing several parts and has a bum wheel. But, it gets the job done and it makes for a compact "sit and stand" double stroller as well even though the "stand" ledge is quite uncomfortable and my kids complain about there feet hurting after standing on it. However, there is no mvelope for that and I'd rather spend my money on other things like junk to store in the storage compartment.)

Here is the conclusion, I've come up with after looking at this photo:

4.) That mom is super resourceful and humble! Look at how she manages to tote two kids on a single stroller, carry all of their luggage, and not care about the appearance of the stroller or her kids!

It is all about perspective people!


Shay said...

lol I actually agree with number 4. Strollers are expensive. If you can make the same one last for a while then go for it!!

Karise said...

HAHAHAHAHA, i needed this today. That was awesome. :) I'm all with you...i must be a super resourceful and humble mom too. I'll wear it with pride today. (Oh, wait, i'm supposed to be humble. oops)