Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, May 14, 2010

More Things to Remember

Noah: "This thing is definitely NOT working!"

Maia: (to Noah while they are supposed to be taking a nap) "Hey, give me some money!"

We were in the car talking about how Noah used to be in mommy's belly.
Maia: "Noah used to be in mommy's belly, and Maia was in Daddy's belly."

We were talking about Mother's Day...
Noah: "Mommy are you my mudder?"
Maia: "Yeah, mommy is Noah's mudder and daddy is Maia's mudder!"

Noah: "Gramma, I love you buuut...I think you need a hug."

Noah: "Mommy, is Jesus smiling at me right now?"

Maia: (after I secretly washed her beloved Elmo and she noticed he smelled different) "Mommy, Elmo's fingers not washed right."

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Michelle Bradley said...

Your kids are SO smart! I am amazed that Maia can talk like that she talks as well as Landen ha! and hes almost 3 ! :)