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Family Photo

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Fairy Tale

Every girl dreams of having her very own Prince Charming carry her off into the sunset so that they can live "happily ever after." Many people say that Fairy Tales are just that; "tales"- stories that don't happen in reality. I beg to differ. I have my very own Prince Charming. Me and my Prince Charming do life together and we enjoy it. It is our version of "happily ever after." I often find myself staring at my Prince Charming and thanking God for choosing me to be the lucky girl to get him. He is quite a catch. My Prince Charming knows what it means to be completely selfless. He treats me like a daughter of the King. He takes care of me, provides for me, protects me, and loves me in a way that I can never doubt. I pray that my daughter finds someone just like him to marry one day. If she does, I will never have to worry about that man not treating her right.

Today I celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss with my very own and very real Prince Charming! Thank you Jesus for the blessing of my husband.


Pamee said...

YAY! I hope that your DAY was BLESSED!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Nana said...

Yes, as I never have to worry because God is faithful. You waited and trusted in Him to bring you that perfect match. What more could a mother ask for?