Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, May 14, 2010

Maia's Day With the Princesses

Eating breakfast in her Belle dress and her crazy bed head hair. So, excited to see the princesses. Ricky is still half asleep. He doesn't do mornings...
The first princess, Ariel. The kids were not convinced this was Ariel. Maybe it was because she was missing her tail. Once she was gone, Noah informed me that she had gone "to her room to play with her toys."

Anticipating, the princesses arrival...(Notice the non-matching heart onesie sticking out underneath her dress...who is that kid's mommy?)
Ricky could not seem to get a decent picture. I think the princesses made him nervous!
Maia was so excited to "match" Princess Belle!
Once again, Ricky's photography skills proved to be less than stellar. So Maia did not get a decent picture with Sleeping Beauty. But, Noah was soooo excited that she told him to stand on his chair...(I am the mean mom that doesn't allow my kids to stand on furniture...)
I had to crop this one. I was in the background shoving Noah into the picture!
Noah was over the princesses and wanted to know when the Beast would be coming out. I told him the Beast was sleeping but that he could go on a ride with daddy when we were done eating. So, after leaving my arm and my leg at the restaurant to pay for our meal, Noah went on a ride with daddy and took a picture with know, boy stuff...

My arm and my leg grew back, I got some much needed coffee, and then acted silly on the tram with the kids...

Maia would say it was a FUN birthday. She enjoyed being a princess for the day!

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Gurli said...

I just loved reading your captions and got a good laugh. You are too funny and they are so cute! I look forward to reading and seeing the pictures every time you post! This is so wonderful for me, what I joy I feel! Thanks for making me laugh, it was a hard day today. I am blessed.

Love you guys!