Family Photo

Family Photo

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tid Bits From Maia Belle

Here are some of Maia's daily sayings...she repeats these things about 4 to 10 times per day...

1.) "Last time, Maia true up at caaaa-bin." (Last time, Maia threw up at the cabin)
2.) "Last time, Maia true up in Bamma's car." (Last time, Maia threw up in Grandma's car)
3.) "I toot!" (I farted)
4.) "I be bite back." (I'll be right back)
5.) "I don't want to do dat."
6.) "Mommy, sing 'uh-oh never wet go of Maia' wike church."(Sing the worship song, "Oh No You Never Let Go," and add Maia's name at the end.)
7.) "No mommy, I don't wanna panking." (I don't want a spanking)

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