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Family Photo

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Quarter Cup of Coffee

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I want to do is make a steaming hot cup of butter toffee coffee in my Keurig coffee maker and sit down in my rocking chair with my Bible. However, because I have a small house, small children, and a loud coffee maker, I cannot enjoy my coveted cup of coffee until the kids wake up. Instead, I enjoy my Bible reading sans the caffeine, then I get myself ready, then I get the kids up, warm their milk, let them make my coffee, drink two sips, take Noah potty, pack their lunches, pack their diaper bag, get them dressed, drink two more sips of coffee, turn on a movie for them, make them breakfast, feed them breakfast, take another sip of coffee realize it is cold spit it out and put my coffee in the microwave for a minute, while it is warming I break up a fight, change a poop diaper, brush the kids' teeth, go through the process of picking a toy to take to Bup's house, gather all our stuff, beg the kids to hurry up and get down the stairs, and head out the door.

My precious cup of coffee is forgotten until late in the evening at the kids' bed time. When I find it, I see that it is three quarters full and I have to throw it down the sink and bid it farewell promising to one day drink an entire cup. My husband makes fun of my coffee habits but this is what happens when you are a mommy of 2 toddlers. At this season of my life, coffee is not to be enjoyed, it is to be drunk in sips at a fast pace in between mommy tasks!


Lizzy said...

Awww, THAT'S why I only enjoy my Mocha ON MY WAY TO WORK. I am in peace when driving to work, without screaming children. It's a beautiful drive too, down the toll road to Irvine. BUT I only work once or twice a week. =( The only thing I CAN'T do is read my bible while driving. :/

Rebecca173 said...

OHHHHHHHHHH AMEN I sooooooo feel you!!! I go through the SAME thing. I make a pot get my cup and get busy and sip here sip there and later find my cup half full and think MAN WHAT A WASTE!