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Family Photo

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Another Day in Survival Mode

Today was Mother's Day and I've discovered that when you are a mommy to 3 children ages 4 and under, Mother's Day is just another day full of barking orders, laughing, disciplining, wiping butts, repeating myself over and over again, hugs and sticky kisses, dishing out spankings, teaching lessons, breast feeding, crying, kissing owies, whining, positively reinforcing, pulling out my hair etc. This day involves absolutely no relaxing. This is a day just like any other in which I find myself in survival mode just trying to keep myself and my children alive and emotionally and physically healthy. Here is what survival mode looks like for me...

Exhibit A: I really wanted to get a nice family portrait taken at church today. But by the time I got everyone ready there was barely anytime to get myself ready. So I had to go to church with bed head hair. It is so funny how in all my Mother's Day family portraits, I look terrible! I am just surviving.

Exhibit B: Went to my brother-in-law's to celebrate Mother's Day. After being there for awhile, right as I sit down to eat, Malakai starts crying. No one can calm him so I take a break from my meal and take him upstairs to try to put him to sleep. As I am bouncing him, I catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror and notice that the zipper on my jeans is down. Really?! That is what I get for squeezing my post pregnancy body into pre-pregnancy jeans. I am just surviving.

Exhibit C: I am sitting on the couch at this same family function, and Malakai poops. Because I am too lazy and tired to get up from the couch to find a good place to change him, I decide to change him on my lap. Of course, in the midst of taking the dirty diaper off and putting the new one on, Malakai begins to pee. I react quickly by holding the new diaper over the stream. I feel a warm sensation all over my lap. Perfect. I spent thremainder of our time at my brother-in-law's house looking as though I'd peed in my pants. I am just surviving.

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