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Monday, December 20, 2010

My Little Challenge

Look at that sweet, beautiful face. How could anything bad come from that precious little being? Well...let me just say it's a good thing she's cute. Let me give you some insights on this little one that God has seen fit to torture me with have me raise.

This one never stops talking and she always makes sure that someone is listening. This is weekend, my brain was tired from all of her talking so when she said, "Mommy" for the 5,037th time in 30 minutes, I answered with a very frustrated and tired, "What now, Maia." Maia very quickly let me know that I am not to "talk to her that way. It is not very nice."

My "little challenge" is prone to violence but always feels the need to confess. This weekend she bit her cousin when I was not present. She felt the need to confess, but in her own timing. About 12 hours after the fact, out of the blue, Miss Maia informed me, "I bite Hay-wee." We talked about why that is never an appropriate response and about how she is to respond to those situations in the future.

If she can't get her way then someone has to pay, but she will quickly maneuver a way not to get in trouble for making someone pay. This morning, she and Noah were playing with their trains and train tracks. She wanted the trains Noah was playing with but had already been told to play with her own trains. Since she was not happy, she played Godzilla and stomped on the tracks, making them all come apart. Noah started to cry loudly. Maia, knowing a spanking would soon be landing on her little bottom, tried to get him to calm down saying, "It's okay Noah, daddy can fix them." She ran to our room and sweetly looked up at her daddy and said, "Uh oh daddy, the tracks came apart. Can you fix them please? It was an accident."

This sweet little face seems to wish she was God so she could determine the sex of the baby in my belly. This morning, out of the blue, she begins to throw a tantrum because she wants the baby in my belly to be a girl. When I tried to convince her that she is so lucky because she gets to have 2 brothers, she hits my belly (remember the violence part?) and says, "NO, Malakai is a GIRL!"

So, as you can see, I have my work cut out for me with this big personality! Any words of encouragement or advice from someone who has successfully raised one of these types without killing them or yourself will be very much appreciated.

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Chuck said...

It is really quite simple. As long as you or Ricky were not that way as a child, then she will change in a week or two. If one of you were, well, what goes around, comes around.