Family Photo

Family Photo

Monday, December 6, 2010

Color Me Mine

I've always wanted to take my kids to Color Me Mine so that they could paint a dish. I figured they would have fun doing it and I would have fun watching. Here are some pictures of our first Color Me Mine experience...

Noah chose a mug and wanted green, blue, and yellow for his colors

Maia wanted a plate and of course only pinks and purples

There was no specific design in mind, just mix all the colors together and paint!

After we were done the lady asked if I wanted her to out the kids' names on the dishes with the year. I thought it was a great idea! They turned out so cute!

We didn't even make it through the front door with our finished products before one got broken. Noah was devastated but insisted on still drinking from his prized creation. If you see him with a cut on his lip, it's not my fault!

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Julia Lynne♥ said...

That is so cute! Haha your kids paint better than me! :)