Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Goal in Life is To Drive My Mom Crazy

Hi, I'm Maia and I made of sugar and spice, and a lot of sass! See, these sassy sunglasses I am wearing? I got them by throwing a tantrum. Yup! I wanted Mommy's sunglasses and didn't get them, so I screamed and cried and threw a fit (my 7th one of the day) and finally my mommy gave in and bought me my own pair of sunglasses. I can be cute as a button but if I don't get my way, then I will make everyone around me miserable until I get what I want!


Nana said...

hmmmm, why does this sound so familiar? De ja Vu, It's you! Hang in there, this too shall pass, but don't let up keep up the discipline.

Chuck said...

It is actually easy. I give her what she wants right away and she loves me for it!