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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Memories..."What The Heck is The Hafamuh Virus?"

I decided to repost this because Ricky and are were reminiscing back to when we first brought Maia home from the hospital and Noah puked all over the hospital room and how stressful that time was. But, it also came with some good laughs!

A couple of weeks ago, my son Noah had a really high fever and was really sick. Ricky came home from taking Noah to see the doctor and let me know that Noah had the "Hafamuh Virus." I had never heard of such a thing so I kept asking questions. Ricky's response to all my questions was "I don't know." I looked up the virus online and found nothing. In my mind I was thinking is this virus so rare and awful that they don't have any information on it? I began to think the worst.
Me: "Why don't you know anything about this virus?" Why didn't you ask?"
Ricky: "I did ask but the doctor was Asian and had a really thick accent."

Ding, Ding, Ding! My husband cannot decipher English with an accent if his life depended on it. I, on the other hand, love accents and pride myself on imitating them and understanding English spoken in any accent.

Me: What does this "Hafamuh Virus" do?
Ricky: Well she kept pointing to his hands and feet and she checked out his throat and said something about blisters.

Hmmm...blisters on his hands, feet, and mouth; "Hafamuh Virus;" and Asian accent. I pictured my friend's mother who is Chinese pronouncing these words..."han, foo, and mou."

Me: "Oooooohhh, it's the Hand, Foot, and Mouth Virus!"
Ricky: "Oh yeah...I guess that is what she said. It sounded like 'Haa- Fa -Muh' to me and she kept saying it really fast."

Sheesh, that is the last time I send Ricky to the doctor.

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