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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life with 3

So life with 3 little ones is proving to be quite challenging and I have not even started "real life" (going back to work) yet! Although, I feel completely blessed by my quiver full of children, it is no walk in the park, especially when the littlest one refuses to sleep at night. Functioning on 4 to 5 hours of interrupted sleep is definitely not my forte. Here are a few of the challenges I've faced.

It's funny how my toddlers have figured out that mommy is immobile while nursing and they choose those moments to push each other's buttons and fight like cats and dogs. I find myself screaming threats of what I will do when I am done nursing and looking for something close enough to throw at them to make them pay attention to me.

Maia's personality is a strong one that takes pleasure in defying authority and doing whatever it is she is told NOT to do. Her favorite thing to do is to stick her fingers in Malakai's mouth. I constantly have to watch her when she is near him. She will touch his face and mouth and sometimes his eyeballs just because I ask her not to. Poor kid.

Speaking of touching, I find myself wanting to scream by the end of the day when someone touches me. All day long someone is touching me, whether it is the littlest drinking milk, or a toddler hanging on my leg, or a little one grabbing onto my shirt because my hands are full as we cross a parking lot. By the end of the day my skin is crawling and I desire to be alone in silence with no one touching me!

Finally, I've decided that I seriously need to learn some sort of breathing technique or Jedi mind trick to keep myself sane and calm when all three decide to whine/ scream/ cry at the same time. This is a daily occurrence and I go crazy every time. It usually happens while in the car with no escape. I usually end up joining them.

Needless to say, adjusting to 3 is taking some time. But, I am determined to get the hang of this thing soon! Pray for me!

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Karin said...

Congratulations! And welcome to life with three! I have 4.5 year old twins and an about-to-turn 3 year old, and your comment about how to handle it when all three are crying/whining made me laugh. Because that has been my biggest challenge over the last few years. That is the thing that pushes my button faster than anything. Even now it's still my biggest challenge. I take deep breathes and ask the Lord, "really, did you really think I could handle this?" And lately I have been just laughing in those moments because it's just so impossible to tend to three kids' needs at one time or to discipline them at one time. I have been resting in knowing that He knew it was going to be this crazy and so He will get me through it, and that must mean that it will not ruin my kids. LOL Hang in there and keep clinging to Him minute by minute.