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Family Photo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Embarrassing Moment # 237

I have experienced lots of embarrassing moments in my life but this one has got to rank in the top 5...

I am blessed to work where I do. Maia is able to go to a day care on Tuesdays for the church staff kids and has the most amazing group of teachers who love on her and care about her so much. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that she is in these people's hands. So you can imagine my mortification when Maia's sweet teacher informed me of the following conversation that she had with Maia...

She had just finished going through her regular routine of taking Maia's mind off of missing me and had set her down to go play. She noticed Maia staring at her funny...

Maia: Miss P? How come you look like a witch? (insert gasp here)
Miss P: A witch?
Maia: Uh huh.

Miss P thought maybe it was because she had a thick brown scarf on. So she removed the scarf and continued the conversation...

Miss P: Do I look like a witch now Maia?
Maia: yup!

Now Miss P thought maybe she was going through a phase where everyone was a witch..

Miss P: Does Miss J look like a witch too?
Maia: Nope, just you.

Before I go on, I have to say that Miss P is a beautiful woman who looks nothing like a witch. She is super fashionable, in shape, and gorgeous. So, Maia had no reason to say this.

When I picked Maia up that day, Miss P told me of this conversation but first made me promise that I would not get mad at my daughter! I was so embarrassed even though Miss P thought it was the funniest thing ever!

On our drive home, I picked Maia's brain for an explanation. When we got home she showed me a picture of Malificent from Sleeping Beauty and said that is who Miss P reminded her of. I must say that I was quite relieved because I think she is actually an attractive witch...I mean take away the green face and the crazy purple eye shadow and you've got a pretty woman...right?!


Jules(: said...

HAHA! I laughed extra hard when reading this, especially because Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite DIsney movies. :D :D :D

Kids say the funniest things, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jojo, i just came across your blog. It's beautiful! The pictures the way you write, everything about it! What a lovely family you have **knocking on wood**