Family Photo

Family Photo

Friday, October 15, 2010

Apple Farm 2010

When I was little, my best friend used to always tell me about her annual trip to Glen Oak to pick apples. The following day, she would come to school with the most delicious homemade applesauce. I was always a little jealous of her yearly trips. So, I made the decision that I when I had kids, we would make a tradition out of going to Oak Glen yearly. I have kept my promise and we are now going on three years of going to Riley's Farms to pick apples. My kids absolutely love it! This year we invited Bramma (Grandma) to come with us and we had a wonderful time. It was a gorgeous day and the kids had a blast!

Maia felt as though it was free snacks all day long.

Looking for a good tree with the best apples. (We were not so good about following the rules)!

Bramma found this tool and got the apples from way up high...

Everyone eat an apple!
Reach for it Maia...
Uh fell...
Look what I found
Dandelions, our favorite!
Run, Noah, Run! (My favorite picture)!

Okay, mom enough pictures already. How many times do we have to say cheeeeeeese?
My precious family. I am a lucky girl!

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