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Family Photo

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And the Worst Mom of the Year Award Goes To...

TALEAH MURRAY! (Applause here)

First of all I'd like to thank the snooze button that forced me to push it 3 too many times this morning which resulted in me not having enough time to wash my hair for the third day in a row. Next I'd like to thank the curb that jumped out at me right in front of Noah's school this morning as I was dropping him off. Because of you, curb, all the moms will now run for cover and hold their kids very close when they see me driving up to the school. I also don't want to leave out my sincere thanks to Noah's very first school picture day which slipped my mind this morning as I threw Noah's dirty gross hat over his wild bed head hair. I am so thankful for the panic you caused me as I walked into Noah's classroom this morning and noticed the room was full of groomed and well dressed kids. Without you, I may have been able to walk out of the school with my head held high (until I got to the parking lot of course). Instead, I could not get myself to make eye contact with Noah's teachers or anyone else for that matter out of sheer embarrassment for dressing my kid like a bum.
Well, they've turned the music on, so I better wrap up this acceptance speech. Real quick, I don't want to forget to thank my son for repeatedly asking, "Why'd you hit the curb mommy? Why did you drive like that?" and "Why are you making me duck and run so no one sees us?"

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