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Family Photo

Monday, June 28, 2010

First Round of Cancun Pics- Xel-Ha

We had so much fun in Cancun and so it was hard for me to pick a favorite excursion, but I decided to go with Xel- Ha. Xel- ha is this natural water park in a lagoon. It was beautiful! And, while snorkeling, I saw a sting ray! Here is a picture blog of out tim at Xel-Ha.

We were so excited to go...then we hit a Mexican Military check point, which took an hour to get through...
Ricky kept himself entertained by taking pictures of me sleeping with my eyes open. He's always wanted to prove to me that I do this. I believe him now.
We finally arrived!

The first thing we did when we finally got there was float down the lazy river. It started in this mangrove tunnel and was so cool! We told Ricky NOT to take the camera on this part because it was bound to get splashed or dropped. But, he insisted on it.

It was so nice to just relax and float down the river.
Jen and I were brave enough to go into this cave to take this picture...right after this picture, she spotted a weird looking bug on the wall and we screamed and jumped outta there and I kicked my foot on the rock wall. Ouch! We were not as brave as we thought.
Ricky was a little smooshed in his tube with his life jacket.
I was feeling kind of dare devilish since I was on vacation without my kids, so I climbed up this rock wall...
and jumped off this high ledge. Ricky was posing, I was praying that I would not die.

I was so proud of myself! It was such a rush!

Since we were being so adventurous, Jen and I thought we'd try to cross the rope thingys. We didn't get that far. It was painful.
Because you have to have a kissing picture...
Sure enough, as soon as we got out of the water, the camera stopped working. Eddie, was reprimanding Ricky. "See I told you so..." At least we were able to save all the pictures that he had taken so far.
There were parrots just chillin' in a tree...

Do you see the dolphins jumping in the background? You could pay to swim with them.

Jen and I were fascinated with the iguanas everywhere. We tried to get close enough to get a picture with them!

Ricky's face says it all...we had a great time!

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Nana said...

Love the pictures, can't wait to see more of them. Now I want to go again! \

We enjoyed the kids as they had their own little staycation. Every day they woke up asking, what are we going to do today? There was always a surprise waiting for them. What a joy!