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Sunday, June 13, 2010

10 Blogs in One

So I've been absent these past few weeks because I have been extra busy both at work and at home. So, I've decided to combine 10 blog posts into one compact, concise, short and to the point blog. Here's is a few things I've learned over the past few weeks...

1: My kids have very different personalities.

Conversation with the kids at Chik-fil-a upon their request to play in the play area:

Me to Noah: "If someone pushes you, you tell them not to do that and you come and tell mommy."

Me to Maia: "Don't hit, bite, or pinch anyone! Be nice."

2: Threatening the impending arrival of the police works like a charm during a child's emotional melt down.

I had one of my worst mom moments a few weeks ago. Kids were not cooperating, I yelled like a maniac, and Noah had a dramatic emotional melt down as a result. I was just waiting for CPS to arrive on my doorstep because of the ruckus coming from my house. However, in one last attempt to gain control of the situation, I gasped dramatically, looked out the window and said, "Uh oh, I think the police are coming. They hear you crying and they are going to come and take mommy away because you are screaming." Fear took over and Noah stopped crying. I felt guilty for a moment...but was grateful for the silence and no more chaos. My kids will now have a fear of cops.

3: Potty training girls is much easier than potty training boys.

Maia announced the other day out of the blue that she had to go potty. My first instinct was to tell her to just go in her diaper, but on second thought, I decided to put her on the toilet. She went potty and has been potty training herself ever since! I just leave her in a diaper and if she wants to tell me she does and if not she goes in her diaper. Every day she seems to go in the potty more and more. Woo hoo!

4: The 30 Day Shred work out DVD by Jillian Michaels is AMAZING!

I've been doing it for the last 30 days in a row and I actually have the beginnings of a 6 pack! That is without changing my eating habits! I have never been so motivated to work out before in my life but this 20 minute work out is fabulous. I recommend it to every woman I know. However, it is hard core, and I have been caught dry heaving at the end of kids worry about me and ask, "Why you all wet mama and why you coughing like that?"

5: My truck does not take itself in for maintenance when the maintenance light comes on.

The light has been on for a really long time now and I HATE taking it to the shop so I just hope that it will go away. It never does.

6: Noah now asks the most embarrassing questions when in public restrooms.

The other day he was a bit constipated. After much discomfort and pushing in a public restroom, he loudly asks, "Was that a Man Poop mama?"

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Karise said...

The Chik-fil-a conversation... LOL! that's hilarious.

And the 30-day Shred, yes, AMAZING. I haven't done it consistently (yet! starting soon) but my friend did and couldn't believe what only 20 mins/day in 1 month did for her.

Love your blog! :)